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Display blanks out (on a page with a multilingual tempalte) when a External link contains a question mark in the line.
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When creating reports in, under a multilingual template, when an external website link has a question mark in the name "?", the page blanks out completely (but the information is still present in the page). This forces to only show the website link as a non wiki element, so the page can display the information.

You can review the diff of the problem here:

And the temproary solution found here:

Thanks a lot!

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The problem is not the question mark, but the equal sign, because the equal sign is used in templates to separate the parameter name from the parameter value.

Instead of using unnamed parameters, you should use named parameters. In this case, use 1 for the first parameter and 2 for the second:

{{ls|1=es|2= the contents... }}

I've documented this workaround in the template