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double subscript should be in a smaller font
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@Physikerwelt is this still an issue? If so, what is the issue?


Double sub- oder superscripts: in $a^{c}}^{b}$ or $a_{c}}_{b}$ the b should be in a smaller font than the c. Applies to mixed cases as well. --Quartl (talk) 12:02, 1 November 2014 (UTC)


The examples in the page are weird. I suspect image for the a-b examples is stuck on an old rendering and that this is about a common point of confusion.

Here's a comparison.



Mathoid output:

image.png (136×62 px, 1 KB)

LaTeX output (no extra packages):

image.png (150×97 px, 2 KB)

I think that's a very good match. I'm guessing the OP was either about an issue that has been resolved or it was about the subtleties in the first and third example.

So I think this can be closed.

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