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Dutch translation of ‘Editing page’ is poor
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Author: hendrik.maryns

I have made Dutch my language of choice in my preference page on Wikipedia.
If I click on the edit page of a wikipedia article, it says ‘Bezig met bewerken
van ...’, this is a poor translation of ‘Editing page ...’. It really should be
something like ‘... bewerken’.

Version: 1.8.x
Severity: enhancement



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jimmy.collins wrote:

Please provide an exact translation - not "something like" ...

Current value is: 'editing' => 'Bezig met bewerken van $1'

jimmy.collins wrote:

Closed - please reopen when providing the translation.

hendrik.maryns wrote:

I thought there was a team for doing the dutch translation, so I wanted to leave
the choice to them, but if you think I can make the decision, then the
translation should be:

$1 bewerken

So is there a l10n team? Can I join it?

I disagree with your assertion, Hendrik. The current translation is very
accurate and in context.

hendrik.maryns wrote:

Ok, I agree it is accurate and in context, but it is not a sentence one would
normally utter and it is unnecessarily verbose. To me, it somehow feels like
children’s talk. I think it is too simple/wordly a translation from the English
original. (This is a typical phenomenon when translating from English, I
notice.) That’s why I call it a *poor* translation, not a wrong translation.

jimmy.collins wrote:

On "Bezig met het bewerken van $1" is used what is
similar to the current translation shipped out with MediaWiki.

I will not chang the translation unless there is only one user asking for this

You can reopen the bug when you reached a consensus on this.