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Automatic links to internal wiki articles within definitions
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Author: xplosion2

Hi community,

I'm searching for a funcionality to link wiki articles automatically to other articles. I
mean that words in definitions should be intgernal links if there exists a related
article with the title. The propper tool should add internal wiki links automatically.
Following have a look at an example ...

Available items:

  • David Beckham
  • English footballer
  • Real Madrid
  • Captain
  • English national team

Item: David Beckham
David Beckham (born May 2, 1975) is an English footballer who plays for Real Madrid. He
was captain of the English national team from 15 November 2000 to 2 July 2006.

The article should be automatically changed to:
David Beckham (born May 2, 1975) is an [[English footballer]] who plays for [[Real
Madrid]]. He was [[captain]] of the [[English national team]] from 15 November 2000 to 2
July 2006.

Does a programm like this already exists? Did someone thought about it?

Thank you very much for support!

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Severity: enhancement



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Dig a bit in the German Wikipedia, there is tool called Wikifyer (afaicr) that should
do the trick, or at least provide *some* of the functionallity.

I'm gonna dupe this to bug 2336.

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 2336 ***