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Create data export report for sharing data with chapters
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Administrators should have access to a report screen that allows them to export application data for sharing with Chapters. This has been done manually in the past by running this SQL:

SELECT s.*, COALESCE(p1score, 0) as p1score
from scholarships s LEFT OUTER JOIN (
    SELECT scholarship_id, SUM(rank) AS p1score
    FROM rankings
    WHERE criterion = 'valid'
    GROUP BY scholarship_id) r2 ON = r2.scholarship_id
GROUP BY s.fname, s.lname,
HAVING p1score >= 1 AND s.exclude = 0 AND s.chapteragree = 1;

The p1score used as the criteria should match the value of the phase1pass admin setting.

The report should create csv file from this data that can be imported into a spreadsheet where various sorting and filtering can be applied to select groups of applications to share with participating Chapters. Adding in all the possible business logic for creating individual reports is out of scope for this task. The programming time needed to make the export more tailored is not justified by the typical applicant pool size.

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@bd808 I'm wondering what information this query returns. The full application for all applicants? who pass Phase 1 and agree to a chapter scholarship?

@bd808 I've created a new task T116115: Create new export / report for full applications that is a new report for the full applications. I wonder if that could solve this issue.

The resulting CSV could just be filtered in Excel to select the group of applicants that need to be sent to the chapter, rather then creating a specific query that filters on the P1 score and Chapter-agree flag.