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Change feeds should display in diff mode
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Author: sorin

In order to monitor the changes in pages the feed generator should create link
to change diffs. This way anyone will be able to see directly the last changes.

The current behavior is to display the last version, but we are interested in
seeing the changes not the final result. Anyone can enter bad data and we'll not
be able to see the diff.

(feed rss atom diff changes)

Version: 1.7.x
Severity: normal



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History feed does show and always has shown diffs.

sorin wrote:

Could you be so kind to show be what url are you using for this? When you click
on a news item the html-diff page will apear? (HTML, two-columns, colored words...)

sorin wrote:

When i subscribe to ../index.php?title=Special:Recentchanges&feed=atom i will
get only entire page feeds not the diff pages. I must clik history, click diff
to see the changes for every news item.

dto wrote:

It's probably just your feed reader. Put that url into your browser and you'll
see that the diffs are there.

sorin wrote:

Strang but after deleted and recreating the feed in Thunberbird seams to work.
Maybe it's a bug in thunderbird :)
I close it. Thanks.