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Make external editor launch from a separate tab than 'edit'
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We get complaints all the time from people who've somehow accidentally turned on external editing
support, then get confused when their browser tries to download files on edit.

Erik and I discussed this at Hacking Days, and there was some agreement it might be wise to make
the external editor be launched from a second tab instead of the regular 'edit' tab; this could greatly
reduce the confusion, as well as making it easier to edit from one's own account on another machine
where the editor isn't set up.

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robchur wrote:

See also bug 2760 and its dupes.

robchur wrote:

Brion and I discussed this on IRC, and came up against a question:

What should happen if the user clicks on a red link, i.e. which behaviour should
be used? Do we want to change the current handling of red links?

We should probably check if anyone's actually using this setting actively. :) If not my inclination would be to kill it; it's more likely to cause confusion than much use.

We killed the functionality in Ic3791d18.