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Some Arabic text is incorrectly displayed in bold in Firefox on some Wikipedias
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In Latvian Wikipedia (and in English Wikipedia, at least) some Arabic text isn't displayed correctly when using lang template, for example, Persian language. The code, if using lang template, is <span lang="fa">Some text in Persian فارسی</span> and the result is too bold.
Example how it looks like (the "persiešu: پامیر, Pāmīr;" part)
example how it should look like

(updated) Example in Latvian Wikipedia: (how it is currently and how it should be)
and in English Wikipedia:

This problem has been for approximately seven days.

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I cannot reproduce the problem with and Firefox 36 on Fedora 21, being logged in. Which browser and platform can this be seen with?

Tested with Firefox 36 and Windows 7 (and Windows XP) both in Vector and Monobook, being logged in and logged out.

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Currently changed the code of "Lang-fa" template to such one:
Persian: <span style="font-style:tahoma;font-size:1.3em">{{{1}}}</span>

That kind of resolves the problem, but of course not completely. Interwiki to Persian Wikipedia is still in bold.