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Enable dynamic dates for
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On [[2005-02-20]] would turn into [[20 February]] [[2005]]. I'd like
something like that for

I am not even certain why this fuction is not turned on wikimedia-wide.

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ayg wrote:

DefaultSettings.php comment on the variable says:

/** Enable to allow rewriting dates in page text.


Beyond that, I can't tell you anything.

(In reply to comment #0)

I am not even certain why this fuction is not turned on wikimedia-wide.

The feature was written to solve a long-running dispute on the English Wikipedia
over the preferred date format to use in article text, a dispute which I
understood was not present on the other projects. It initially had essentially
no internationalisation, although some was added later by Avar. The formats are
still hard-coded.

Oh there is no dispute over this on I just find the syntax to be very
very conviniant (I can simply copy paste dates like this on large lists)

Is it possible to impliment this for

dbl2010 wrote:

As a native Tr speaker, this type of date feature is not necessary for any
project that is in Turkish Language. In Turkish language dates are not written
in "2006-03-20" format at all. (Maybe coders use this format for sorting
purposes) I am around tr wp last 2 years and I haven't seen any request or need
for this until Cool Cat's request. This enhancement may not harm user-end, but
as a bureaucrat and sysop of tr:wp, I should add that, this bug submissions does
not reflect Turkish community request. It is only Cool Cats personal request.

GAH! 2006-03-20 is the ISO format. No one writes dates like that.

I withdraw my request. is simply not worth my time.

On careful rethinking I think this would be a useful addition to the wiki.

jeluf wrote:

Please provide a link to an on-wiki-discussion about this, showing community consensus that this feature should be added.

[Replacing "RESOLVED LATER" by a more appropriate status.]