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mw.ustring.lower doesn't affect hypogegrammene
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I don't know what other characters or text functions this affects, but, well:





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The behavior of Scribunto's ustring upper and lower methods depends on the behavior of PHP's mb_strtoupper and mb_strtolower, which also exhibit this behavior.

The problem seems to be that PHP's mb_strtolower() ignores any character that doesn't have the "uppercase" Unicode property, and these characters are flagged as "titlecase". Whether that's the correct behavior for mb_strtolower() or whether it should be checking for "uppercase or titlecase", I have no idea. But even if it is incorrect, it's not something that we're going to be able to fix here. You'll need to take it to; please comment here with the upstream bug number once you find/create it.

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This is in the process of being fixed by T176370: Migrate to PHP 7 in WMF production. I'm going to close this as a duplicate of that task.