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EXIF data for images in Commons contains broken links if another interface language is chosen
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Depending on the interface language chosen in preferences, Metadata for images
contain inconsistent, partially incorrect links.

Example: If chosen interface language is English, "Camera manufacturer" and
"Camera model" link to the respective articles on en.wikipedia. If, on the other
hand, German is chosen, "Camera model" links nowhere and "Camera manufacturer"
links to a non-existent (and incorrectly named) category "Kategorie:Camera:Canon".

Version: unspecified
Severity: minor



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rotemliss wrote:

Please link to an example.

Example: any picture containing Metadata. Here is one uploaded 5 minutes ago:

Yeah, that seems to be it. Maybe even two interwiki links (German and English) as in

It's alocalization bug then. Should these not be eported here?

rotemliss wrote:

Only bugs in the MediaWiki software (or bugs in the extensions, or bugs in
Wikimedia sites *which can be solved only by those with shell access*, like
installing of extensions or changing site settings) should be reported here. The
default MediaWiki package does not contain such interwiki links – they are exist
only in Commons, and created by Commons admins. Therefore, please talk to a
Commons admin to change it.

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