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Less expensive redirect article handling by dumpHTML
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Currently the redirect articles are rendered as simple HTML pages/files which
simple make a HTTP refresh on the destination article page/file.

I modified the script to modify all links in the way they not point to the
redirect page anymore, but directly to the destination page/file.

It works with the option --shortcut-redirects

"Queued redirects" and "recursive redirects" loop are handled.

This is a first step to reduce the amazing quantity of HTML pages generated by

With the french Wikipedia, I reduce the number of file by more than 10%.

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This would make the go button not work.

This would make the go button not work - with redirects only.

For people making an offline-reader this is not an issue, they don't use the
default dumpHTML skin, and have theire own search engine.

For this people this option keeps all its interest.

No idea how current this code is. But this could go in as a feature that could be enabled by passing an appropriate parameter. It shouldn't be the default behavior but I can see why some people would find it useful.

sumanah wrote:

Emmanuel, would you mind updating and submitting your patch directly into our new Git source control system?

You can do this by getting and using "developer access" if you do not have it already:


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The DumpHTML has been unmaintained and broken for many years. It is being archived. Declining this task per T280185.