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Move tools-master and tools-shadow to trusty
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Would need a fair bit of testing, I suppose. We are already running a fairly 'mixed' environment (precise and trusty exec hosts, with a precise master / shadow)

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Thankfully, that shouldn't be /too/ hard thanks to the master/shadow setup. Reinstalling shadow as Trusty, then forcibly switching over to test seems like the simplest approach.

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Doing simultaneously with the parent ticket (that is, the new tools-shadow-01 is constructed with Trusty from the start)

Let's close this when it is actually trusty

tools-grid-shadow is now on Trusty and happily chugging along as a shadow master. Once it's tested as being able to take over as master, I'll create a new master node in Trusty too.

tools-grid-shadow is now the active master, and seems to be running without issues. I'm going to give it a little while then create the new (trusty) master.

tools-grid-master is now the active master and tools-grid-shadow has resumed its role as shadow master.

There is an apparent lingering issue (almost certainly Trusty-based) that the service start invocation for gridengine-shadow hangs (even though the daemon itself works fine). It looks like the systemd unit expects a fork() that never comes.

The original masters (tools-master and tools-shadow) have been turned off but not yet deleted to monitor how things go over the weekend.

The new masters are happy on Trusty; the old ones have been deleted.