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Description (Bosnian) meets the requirements and should be set up, with the
standard configuration (uploads enabled until they have a logo, then disabled
until they have a fair use policy). Contact person is User:Kseferovic on Meta.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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jimmy.collins wrote:

*** Bug 7536 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

emx wrote:

Count User:Emx from meta and bs too, I've agreed with Kseferovic to do major
things about wikinews.

Vseferovic wrote:

This is user:Kseferovic. I am the one that translated all of the necessary
articles and templates. (As Erik Moeller stated above). I am posting regarding
the fact that Wikinews in Bosnian ( still has not been set up.
Can someone please explain when it will be established? Thank you very much and
I am the contact person. You can reach me on the English Wikipedia
(User:Kseferovic), Bosnian Wikipedia (User:Vseferovic), or Meta (User:Kseferovic).

Once again thank you for your time, Vernes Seferovic

ayg wrote:

Shell requests are mostly handled in batches on a periodic basis. The wiki
should be set up within a week or two, whenever the next time is that someone
with shell decides to go through the backlog. Be patient, it'll happen.

Vseferovic wrote:

First, thank you for replying. Second, I am patient, it's just that I thought no
on was reading or even noticing the message. I understand now and thank you for
your time to respond.