Can I change my username here?
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I just renamed my account on Wikimedia. Can I also rename my phabricator handle here?

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Hi! To answer your question in the task summary: No you cannot. :)
This seems like a support request instead of an enhancement request or bug report. For future reference, please use the Phabricator Help discussion page at

Phabricator admins could in theory rename users, but:

"The old username will no longer be tied to the user, so anything which uses it (like old commit messages) will no longer associate correctly. (And, if you give a user a username which some other user used to have, username lookups will begin returning the wrong user.)
It is generally safe to rename newly created users (and test users and so on), but less safe to rename established users and unsafe to reissue a username.
Users who rely on password authentication will need to reset their password after their username is changed (their username is part of the salt in the password hash)."