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votewiki has Italian body in lang="en" tags
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Description has a wrong interface language and page content language.

<html lang="en" dir="ltr" class="client-nojs">
<meta charset="UTF-8" />
<title>Elezioni 2015 del Comitato per lo Stanziamento dei Fondi della Wikimedia Foundation - Wikimedia Vote Wiki</title>

<body class="mediawiki ltr sitedir-ltr ns--1 ns-special mw-special-SecurePoll page-Special_SecurePoll_vote_457 skin-vector action-view">
			<h1 id="firstHeading" class="firstHeading" lang="it">Elezioni 2015 del Comitato per lo Stanziamento dei Fondi della Wikimedia Foundation</h1>

The body is in Italian, but doesn't say so. Only the firstHeading is in correct language.

The sidebar and search bar also are in Italian (where translations are used) but don't say so:

<div class="portal" role="navigation" id='p-navigation' aria-labelledby='p-navigation-label'>
			<h3 id='p-navigation-label'>Navigazione</h3>

			<div class="body">
													<li id="n-Wikimedia-Foundation-Elections-2015"><a href="//">Wikimedia Foundation Elections 2015</a></li>
													<li id="n-FDC-candidates"><a href="//">FDC candidates</a></li>
													<li id="n-FDC-Ombudsperson-candidates"><a href="//">FDC Ombudsperson candidates</a></li>
													<li id="n-Board-candidates"><a href="//">Board candidates</a></li>
			<div class="portal" role="navigation" id='p-tb' aria-labelledby='p-tb-label'>
			<h3 id='p-tb-label'>Strumenti</h3>

			<div class="body">
													<li id="t-specialpages"><a href="/wiki/Special:SpecialPages" title="Elenco di tutte le pagine speciali [q]" accesskey="q">Pagine speciali</a></li>
													<li id="t-print"><a href="/w/index.php?title=Special:SecurePoll/vote/457&amp;printable=yes" rel="alternate" title="Versione stampabile di questa pagina [p]" accesskey="p">Printable version</a></li>

The rest of the interface and content is in English, hence the UniversalLanguageSelector personal tools trigger correctly says "English".

Steps to reproduce: unknown. I just clicked a banner on and arrived to (a userpage, really?!).

If I click , language is correct. After doing so, uls-previous-languages cookie contains %5B%22en%22%2C%22nl%22%5D but other than this there is no cookie with language information.

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Note, other pages are even more broken: the confirmation page has the title in Italian, but the rest in English, including the body. So I get «Welcome Nemo bis! Thank you for voting. If you wish, you may retain the following receipt as evidence of your vote» although the translation is available:

Nemo_bis reopened this task as Open.May 3 2015, 7:43 AM

Definitely not the same issue.

How does this vary from the other bug? They appear to be the same issue...

Jargonishly, that bug is about setting interface language, while this is about content language being messed up with. Refer to SPQRobin's for an authoritative explanation.

Concretely, that bug can and should be solved on the wiki/host (even by a sysop, at some degree), while this bug is presumably caused by SecurePoll code or some other code active there. From T97923#1255177 is *seems* that SecurePoll is being passed the language by something (?!) to do something.

Varnent set Security to None.
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@Nemo_bis: Yes. auth-api.php fetches a variety of user settings on the first visit to votewiki, one of which is language.[1,2] I'm not sure yet where this interacts with interface vs. content language. Votewiki language is stored in the voter db table as a "property".[3]

I'm working on T97923. My current thought is to add a language selector dropdown to the jump page. Ideally it will work for interface and content both and address this bug as well. Any more directions to reproduce this will be very useful.


My current thought is to add a language selector dropdown to the jump page.

If you need a language selector, remember to reuse the standard one, provided by jquery.uls.