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Can't create any Hangul (Korean) usernames with AntiSpoof
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Author: klutzy.wikipedia

in Korean Wikipedia, I've tested some username to create user but all name is
disallowed which has no problem I think.

I guess AntiSpoof extension has a bug.

Version: unspecified
Severity: critical



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robchur wrote:

*What* usernames are being rejected?

klutzy.wikipedia wrote:

I think *every* hangul username is rejected. since 17 October, no hangul account
has created yet.

for example i tested '클럿지'(transliteration of klutzy) that is not common
username, and not simmilar to any username AFAIK... and it is rejected.

klutzy.wikipedia wrote:

in addition, error message is:

The name "클럿지" is not allowed to prevent confusing or spoofed usernames:
Contains unassigned or deprecated character. Please choose another name.

certainly, "클럿지" doesn't have any character that matters.

klutzy.wikipedia wrote:

I editted trunk/extensions/AntiSpoof/AntiSpoof_body.php:

(line 87)

  • array( 0x1100, 0x11FF, "SCRIPT_DEPRECATED" ), # Hangul Jamo

+ array( 0x1100, 0x11FF, "SCRIPT_HANGUL" ), # Hangul Jamo

and it works well. please fix the line.

ayg wrote:

Um, what the hell? No new Korean usernames allowed for seven months? I'll look
at fixing this ASAP.

ayg wrote:

Should be fixed in r21978.