Tool creation added to toolsadmin.wikimedia.org
Creating and managing tools just got more awesome

Toolsadmin.wikimedia.org is a management interface for Toolforge users. On 2017-08-24, a new major update to the application was deployed which added support for creating new tool accounts and managing metadata associated with all tool accounts.

Under the older Wikitech based tool creation process, a tool maintainer sees this interface:

wikitech screenshot

As @yuvipanda noted in T128158, this interface is rather confusing. What is a "service group?" I thought I just clicked a link that said "Create a new Tool." What are the constrains of this name and where will it be used?

With the new process on toolsadmin, the initial form includes more explanation and collects additional data:

toolsadmin screenshot

The form labels are more consistent. Some explanation is given for how the tool's name will be used and a link is provided to additional documentation on wikitech. More information is also collected that will be used to help others understand the purpose of the tool. This information is displayed on the tool's public description page in toolsadmin:

toolinfo example

After a tool has been created, additional information can also be supplied. This information is a superset of the data needed for the toolinfo.json standard used by Hay's Directory. All tools documented using toolsadmin are automatically published to Hay's Directory. Some of this information can also be edited collaboratively by others. A tool can also have multiple toolinfo.json entries to support tools where a suite of functionality is published under a single tool account.

The Striker project tracks bugs and feature ideas for toolsadmin. The application is written in Python3 using the Django framework. Like all Wikimedia software projects, Striker is FLOSS software and community contributions are welcome. See the project's page on wikitech for more information about contributing to the project.

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