Labs is auditing and removing inactive projects.

If you are exclusively a user of tool labs, you can ignore this post. If you use or administer another labs project, this REQUIRES ACTION ON YOUR PART.

We are reclaiming unused resources due to an ongoing shortage.

Visit this page and add a signature under projects you know to be active:

VM Purge 2016

Associated wmflabs.org domains are included to identify projects by offered services.

We are not investigating why projects are needed at this time. If one person votes to preserve then we will do so in this round of cleanup.

In a month, projects and associated instances not claimed will be suspended or shutdown. A month later if no one complains these projects will be deleted.

Written by chasemp on Jul 8 2016, 4:20 PM.
"Evil Spooky Haunted Tree" token, awarded by Krenair.

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