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Increase the discoverability of the various search APIs
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This is an epic, under which we can capture the various tasks to improve search API documentation, including Wiki page(s), examples, API docs, tutorials, examples, project templates, etc.

To help make Search more accessible, discoverable, and effective, let's take advantage of the tremendous potential possessed within our existing search-related APIs.

This includes things like MediaWiki's plain-old query, plus all sorts of other hidden gems such as Wikibase's wbgetentities and wbgetclaims, Wikidata Query Service, etc.

The general roadmap (to be fleshed out in ongoing subtasks) will be something like the following:


  • Enumerate the existing searchey API capabilities
  • Investigate current usage of the search APIs


  • Gather existing documentation (including examples, etc.)
  • Fill in gaps in the documentation (e.g. Swagger, API Sandbox)


  • Reach out to the community to teach them about, and help them use, the search APIs
  • Analyze how usage changes over time
  • Tailor continued efforts maximize community impact

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This task is lacking details to make it actionable. I'm declining it at this stage.