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Editing in Flow defaults to Visual Editor despite user preference disabling VE
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On Mediawikiwiki, I initiated a new post in Flow, and the editing interface defaulted to VE. This was despite my existing user preference "Temporarily disable VisualEditor while it is in beta". Instead, I had to manually select wikitext editing interface, and the "icon" used was not intuitive. (The icon is </>) It was only through persistence that I was able to figure it out.

OS: Windows 7, Browser FF38.0.5 - only Wikitext option appears when using Win7, IE9 (which I believe is standard for that very old browser).

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Unfortunately the VE preference and the Flow preference are fairly separate. Flow simply remembers the last thing you used, so you only have to switch to wikitext once.

We could potentially look at your VE preference the very first time you use Flow, but I'm not sure that's worth it for avoiding what's really only one click for the user. (Yes, the switch button should also be more intuitive.)

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If the VE/wikitext preference for article editing is connected to the preference for Flow posts, then clicking the icon in the Flow field would also change the setting in Preferences. I think that finding that your Preferences setting has changed would be more confusing than the current status quo.

I agree that the Flow/wikitext icon is confusing. We shouldn't change the behavior when we really need to change the icon. Thanks for the reminder; I will chase that down. :)