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Requesting access to sodium for John Lewis
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Full name: John Lewis
Labs username: John F. Lewis (
Preferred shell username: johnflewis
Rationale: T99734 is the ticket which provides a need for this. I actively do work with mailman and work with operations members on providing support for tasks undertaken with mailman. A recent outage lasting several hours highlighted a need for a way to view logs generated by mailman. Currently they will likely stay on sodium so this is a request to be able to view the related directly on sodium (sodium:/var/log/mailman). No sudo permissions are needed. A new group will needed to be made, mailman-users likely.

Key: P760

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For what it is worth, I support this request. The past two mailman maintenance windows had @JohnLewis's invaluable participation. Having him able to access the logs for mailman can only improve our overall responsiveness to issues.

coren triaged this task as Medium priority.EditedJun 11 2015, 3:07 PM
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@mark: Can I get approval language for this, please?

@JohnLewis: I note you have already reviewed and signed L3; <s>I will need a SSH key distinct from your Labs SSH key posted on a wiki page or on this ticket to proceed.</s>

Nevermind about the SSH key, I had not noticed the paste on the ticket.

This was discussed at the ops meeting today. Was there a decision reached?

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@faidon was going to post an update but seems he forgot. He told me the situation of it though which is: this should be re-evaluated once a new box for mailman has been provisioned (part of next quarters' goals from July) at which point this can likely be approved. Seeing the state of sodium being Lucid, its preferred no more access is granted to the box beside ops.

< JohnFLewis> ottomata: want to close the review task(s) for my access request? they seem useless now, use has passed and I can't view one :)

Sure, we can close. If/when a new mailman box happens, remember to create a new ticket for access then.

Dzahn closed subtask Restricted Task as Invalid.Jun 24 2015, 7:05 PM