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Changing Windows display font size breaks AWB GUI
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On some Windows 7, the default font size is enlarged by 125%. See

Windows_2D00_8_2D00_DPI_2D00_scaling_2D00_CPL_2D00_crop_5F00_thumb_5F00_6CDC0DB9.jpg (284×570 px, 35 KB)
with this setting AWB fonts are also enlarged by 125% resulting in in clipped text and lost buttons like "Remove" and "Filter" buttons in the "Make List" section. See "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display":
AWB_Windows-7.png (872×927 px, 166 KB)

The issue was discussed before at:

I would like to propose a change in code to make AWB fonts independent from "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display" settings.

Can anybody check if this issue happens at Windows 7 or newer Windows systems as well?

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@Jarekt Please try: right click on AutoWikiBrowser.exe --> Compatibility --> enable the "Disable display scaling" option. Does this work? (I don't have WIndows 7 access with suitable display to try)

I did find: right click on AutoWikiBrowser.exe --> Properties -> Compatibility (tab) --> enable the "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" option. Which I guess is an alternative fix I did not know about. However it is meant to be used to make old unmaintained programs incompatible with current Windows to still work. A much better solution would be to write the code in such a way that it does not need such settings. I do not know if it is an easy thing to do, but if it was possible to set this option in the AWB code or do something equivalent than it would make code installation much easier.

The current code doesn't generally use relative sizing for windows, buttons, boxes, fonts etc. so it would likely be a lot of work (that we don't necessarily have the skills to do either) to have AWB properly support DPI scaling.

If it requires a major rewrite than it might not be worth doing, unless someone does a rewrite for additional purposes. In a mean time I added it to

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