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sql dumps - interwiki table is empty, dumping should be discontinued
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0) Context

The interwiki table is no longer used by WMF wikis. Instead,
WMF wikis use for its performance advantage.

  1. Problem

The sql dumps still show the empty interwiki table.

  1. Requested actions

Please discontinue dumping the interwiki table.
Please consider dumping the interwiki.cdb file.

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Please consider dumping the interwiki.cdb file.

see also T75905. which doesn't seem to have any rationale? cc @Reedy

you can fetch it by HTTP as often as you like. (well, as often as is
reasonable. probably no reason to do more than once a minute. Or per 5
minutes even)

I suppose it could also be fetched from HTTP and archived by the dump
process. Anyone else interested in that?

Change 241618 had a related patch set uploaded (by ArielGlenn):
stop dumping interwiki table (T103589)

Change 241618 merged by ArielGlenn:
stop dumping interwiki table (T103589)

availability via HTTP is fine; scripts that process the dumps can pick the file up from there as needed. takes care of the rest. Closing.

For anyone who ends up here looking for the interwiki data used on the Wikimedia production servers, the use of the CDB file mentioned in the description has been replaced with a PHP version: