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Link colour changes based on length of link (interproject)
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When using VE to create an interproject link from se.wikimedia to commons.wikimedia the colour of the link changes from blue to red based on the length of the title of the linked to page. Note that this is not a result of the link actually being validated since the target while blue is invalid but the valid target is red.

Expected behaviour:
Colour remains blue

To reproduce (see video F184085):
Enter commons:Commons:Statens maritima and then extend this to commons:Commons:Statens maritima museer.

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This definitely does not only depend on length since longer links to e.g. w:sv:... remain blue although substantially longer.

It probably just got mis-cached as a non-existent link?

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Looks like that might have been the case. Now it's back to always being blue, independent of length or existence.

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