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Recreation of server statistics ignores some edits.
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  1. Atßtik
we have a page to which a line is added daily by a cron job,
the version of the time in question can be found at

Basically, the data is taken from Special:Statistics,
the remaining bloat is of no concern here.

  1. The Special:Statistics page showed a

wrong image count until 2007-jan-06, see bug #6119.
With the correction of this count some others were affected,
too - you can see that from
where the article count magically increases by much more than
the additions of that day, while the edit count decreases by
8572 despite likely 100+ edits of the day, it drops below the
current revision ids by about 1300, as these edits show:

  1. The true edit count inho has to be equal to the highest

revision id. Since it is not, in the Ripuarian Wikipedia after
the Special:Statistics page was updated, I assume that the
server script updating the statistic data, likely does not
count edits of deleted pages, or something the like, while the
routine performing the life update of statistics does. (Just
an educated guess)

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robchur wrote:

You're right; the maintenance script ignored deleted edits. This was fixed in