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Run site stats update script on Ripuarian Wikipedia
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Author: dominik.bach

After article and image import from the test wiki, the imported files were not
counted while deleted files were, leading to negative article and image counts.
The article count has been updated, but the image count remains to be negative.
How can this be fixed? Thanks, Dominik

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Severity: normal



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dominik.bach wrote:

see also bug #5703 (article counter)

Would someone with shell access please run the site stats update script for KSHwiki?

(Maybe, while you're at it, c.f. bug 6120, too)

Thank you for doing that.

Now, bug # 8513 spoiled the edit count, while the others
seem to be rebuilt correctly. Since the bug is reported
fixed already, would you kindla run the script once more?

Thank you in advance.