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Use geo microformat when displaying gps coordinates
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I've spotted many wikipedia articles with coordinates displayed in the top right
and noticed that the geo microformat is not used. That means that the tails
firefox extension and other microformat tools currently do not recognize the
coordinates in wikipedia articles.

Microformats are intended to embedd machine readable information in ordinary
html. The geo format is commonly used to markup gps coordinates. This
information is picked up by some firefox extensions, search engines and also geo
support for firefox 3.0 is currently planned. When the information is picked up,
tools may be use it to provide links to maps sites, google earth, etc.

More information on the geo microformat may be found here: (old)

Since it is extremely easy to support, I request that support for at least this
format is added. There may be opportunities for using some of the other formats
as well (e.g. hcard for addresses). I think the variant of the format with an
abbr tag would be most useful since you can include the name of the article as
the abbr content. If needed, the formatted coordinate can be hidden using simple
css rules. In other words, it does not need to replace the current coordinate
functionality but can simply be added to the page html with display: none
applied in the css.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement
Platform: PC



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nen wrote:

abbr needs to be whitelisted for the coordinate templates to work properly

smccandlish wrote:

The abbr element has already been whitelisted, so I'm removing Bug #671 as a "depends on" dependency.

smccandlish wrote:

D'oh. I guess it would help if I actually removed the dependency when removing a dependency.

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