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Some greek characters don't render in SVG
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Apparently, rsvg refuses to render some greek letters, namely the captial delta
and capital mu (for the later see Trying with rsvg
(2.16.0) on my box, it works fine. Changing the font from "Times" to "serif"
didn't help. Is there something odd about the fonts installed on the WMF boxes?

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paolo wrote:

Just a small correction to the summary: it's the small mu that is not rendered.

wiper73 wrote:

It's not just that; any character that is stressed (greek language uses
stresses) fails to appear after the rasterization. You can see any letter when
viewing the svg in full resolution, but mu, upsilon and the stressed characters
fail to appear when the picture is in preview or thumb. The only solution to
this is converting text into paths, which increases the file size and is
time-consuming too.

Test case is fixed after installing more fonts.