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Add bibtex as export format
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Thanks for adding the task. Pointers seem precise enough for a student to find their way, but it would be nice to explicitly state the aim other than "However, scientists love BibTeX!". For instance, the first line could be "Your goal: users can enter an URL in a dialog while editing a wiki page and get the bibtex code describing the linked publication" (I'm not sure myself that this is the goal, hence the question).

From a strictly mediawiki point of view, there actually isn't much benefit to including other export formats at all. Our target format is the "mediawiki" format.

But, the idea is for citoid to be reusable as a FOSS project and be used by people outside of the mediawiki community. The major consumers of citations are students and researchers, and for them probably the major format they'd request wouldn't be "mediawiki" format (not very useful except for mediawiki!) but probably BibTex and EndNote, the latter of which is proprietary, so BibTex it is!

So basically additional export formats make citoid more reusable by non-mediawiki projects.

Hey, I'm gonna tackle this task and hopefully learn more JS along the way.

You're the same person that claimed the task on melange? Just checking since the usernames are different :)

(Never mind, saw you had your name in your profile :))

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Change 177478 had a related patch set uploaded (by Sn1per):
Citoid: Implement BibTeX format


Before starting this project, I knew only the bare minimum syntax of JS. I spent a few days wandering around before I got it to work :P, so the code might be a little messy and might be missing some of the doc comments and what not.

There is an issue in the code where the BibTeX is not being relayed back to the user, working on a fix

Don't worry about that! If there are problems I will tell you and you can fix them :). That's the whole purpose of this program (and code review)! Great start, I posted comments on the patch on gerrit.

Change 177478 merged by Mvolz:
Implement BibTeX export format

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