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French Wiktionary categories are displayed instead of the articles titles
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We're encountering a new major problem on the French Wiktionary for a few hours:émie#Ajout.C3.A9_.C3.A0_la_cat.C3.A9gorie

The recent changes and the watchlists are displaying the pages categories instead of the pages titles, for the most part of the entries!
This occurred with different users from different places, at least under Monobook and Vector, Firefox and Edge, also with no gadget, and MediaWiki:Common.js hasn't been touched.

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Apparently everybody has to deactivate this function by clicking above these lists. Would it be possible to let the default view like before please?

From the All-and-every-Wiktionary project description:

Please do not report tasks under this project if the task is not actually specific to Wiktionary but only because you found this problem on Wiktionary. Also see How to report a bug.

What's the problem with this new feature (added in T9148)? Just that it takes up the majority of RecentChanges/Watchlist?

I think the solution is to hide page categorization by default in Special:RecentChanges.