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WPX UI looks wonky in Internet Explorer 11
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Text in the description section overflows when using WikiProject Occupational Safety and Health in Internet Explorer 11. (It's what we use at work.) Screenshot forthcoming.

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IE11 doesn't support flexbox (but it unfortunately thinks it does, which makes it that much more complicated to fix). Need to use a browser-specific css override to disable that, then replace it with floats or something.

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Both 'boxes' suffer from this well know bug for starters.

The .css settings seem to be generated on-the-fly and are set inline (<div style="....">) rather than pulled from a stylesheet's definition(s) and uses the shorthand flex syntax to boot so changing or adding the flex-basis value in F12 developer tools might not actually reflect the change; iow - somebody needs to test the change by tweaking the extension's code, etc.

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@GOIII, the image you uploaded seems to be some kind of shield icon?

In any case, unfortunately it's not an extension but a series of templates. Hence the use of in-line styling. (Proper CSS would require either an opt-out gadget or global CSS; neither is a good option, since we'd be loading code on all pages for use on a very tiny subset.)

Is there a change we can make to the styling that might work? I can test any changes on IE11.

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