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reinstall fermium with public IP
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@akosiaris can we modify and reinstall the current VM or do we need to delete it and re-create it from scratch with a vlan?

Yes we can. Effectively it's the same thing (as in all data will be lost) but from the scope of the cluster management tool (Ganeti) only a VM parameter will have been changed. Since this is our first VM with a public IP, I would like to do it. Is there any need for coordination, requirements or something I am not aware of ? Otherwise I proceed ASAP

@akosiaris nothing is dependent on fermium, everything we need has been puppetised and only a single file exists in my home directory which will be lost (which can be). So feel free to proceed when you can. Thanks.

Yes, we have tested what we wanted to test on fermium. You can go ahead, thanks for taking it.

Actually, no, there was one thing that i still had to copy. the data that Tim uploaded of the old staff list for T109395. Can we save that first please?

sure, go ahead. I haven't yet reinstalled the box

copied and done. it can be reinstalled now

And... done. Resolving.