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Similar to the two domains ([mp] in T107575, also uses the cert of, since sitemap is a CNAME to dumps.

So needs to point to text-lb and set it to redirect to

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Change 234256 had a related patch set uploaded (by Chmarkine):
Rewrite to

Change 234257 had a related patch set uploaded (by Chmarkine):
Point to text-lb.

Also see T101486. Question is what is even here for or if we should simply remove it. Unless we'd actually do T23765 and use it for that.

I'd just decom it for now. Can always resurrect if T23765 or something else finds a use for it.

Change 234256 merged by Dzahn:
Rewrite to

Change 234257 merged by BBlack:
Point to text-lb.

Since Apache and DNS change are merged, this should solve the issue for now since sitemap can use the wildcard cert.