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When backspacing over images that are off screen, scroll down to the images (Chrome)
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TL;DR: T57336: VisualEditor: FocusableNodes (e.g. Infoboxes) are too easy to accidentally delete, especially when floated is back, but only in Chrome.

When a long list of images or templates (e.g., infoboxes) are stacked together, you see "blank" lines in VisualEditor. If you backspace over these "blank" lines, VisualEditor is meant to select the image or template, and scroll down to it so that you will notice that you are about to delete it. This is not working in Chrome at the moment.

User:Kerry Raymond provided this very detailed description of how to reproduce the bug in Chrome:

"I open Charters Towers with the VE. I click my cursor before the first word "The" of the History section. There are a couple of empty lines above it with a photo to the left and the infobox to the right. I press backspace. Nothing appears to happen except the "Paragraph" on the toolbar turns blank (the cursor does not move, there is no change to the empty lines above). There is no scrolling or movement in the text box. I press backspace a second time. The "Paragraph" empty space now becomes "Heading" on the tool bar and the cursor is now positioned at the end of the word "History" in the section title. The Save Page button on the toolbar is now turned blue (which I think means it has deleted the blank lines even though are still displayed, but I know that the VE is not 100% WYSIWYG so I am OK about that -- of course what has actually happened is I have deleted the photo off screen). There has been no scrolling movement in the text box -- just the cursor moved. If I now save, the photo is gone. At no point (without actually scrolling down to look for it) do I see the funeral photo highlighted and then removed by the 2 backspaces."

She's using the latest version of Chrome on Windows 8.1.

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