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Block IRC users that ping many users
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Over the past few days, the #wikimedia IRC channel has been hit with persistent spam in the form of pings. A solution could be to have a bot kick or ban users that ping more users than a set limit. Some users would have to be whitelisted (jouncebot).

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@Aklapper, Is there a general IRC project that this could be filed into?
I'm looking for feedback on whether this would be a good idea and at what limit users should be blocked at. I can implement this into my bot, bot24-irc, once consensus is reached.

I'm guess what you want to do is contact the FreeNode Wikimedia GCs instead.

@Krenair, You know where I could reach them?

freenode does run a bot that prevents flooding (known as Sigyn). Previously, we did have its predecessor (idoru) on #wikimedia iirc but apparently the new bot Sigyn is not present. We could probably ask freenode staff to enable it at #wikimedia.

Either way, you'll probably need approval from IRC group contacts or channel contacts.

Sigyn is now present again on #wikimedia.
For future reference, please direct similar queries to #wikimedia-ops as phab is not a good way to reach us.

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