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SF's #autoedit should bypass CAPTCHAs
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A user (the same one from the other CAPTCHA issue) points out that #autoedit doesn't work if the user is required to fill out a CAPTCHA. Ideally, #autoedit should just bypass the CAPTCHA, I would think - it can't be spammed.

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I don't think this can be done without major effort. Autoedit uses the SF API module. If you open it for autoedit you open it for everything. It's not enough to just add a new parameter 'fromAutoedit' to the API. Any bot can send that.
Furthermore we would have to find a way to "convince" EditPage to force a save against the hook error from ConfirmEdit.

@Foxtrott - Ah, that makes sense. Well, the task is here if anyone wants to take it... feel free to remove yourself as the assignee.

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