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Kubernetes Beta Signup List
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If you want to participate in the Kubernetes beta, please add a comment with the following information:

  1. Name of tool
  2. Language tool is written in
  3. Webservice or Continuous job
  4. Does the tool use the labs replica dbs?
  5. Does the tool use toolsdb?
  6. Does the tool use NFS for anything (other than storing code and config and log files)?

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  1. giftbot
  2. tcl
  3. webservice and 5 continuous jobs
  4. yes
  5. no
  6. no
  1. mediawiki-docker
  2. PHP (and Dockerfile)
  3. webservice
  4. no
  5. no
  6. no

Not ready for prime time but still interested.

I have not deployed the tool to Toollabs yet, but going soon

  1. WLX Jury Tool and other WLM/WLE related tools
  2. Scala
  3. Webservice + regular updates with newly uploaded images
  4. need for much quicker access via SQL, but can live with MediaWIki API if not available
  5. Going to try as "The latter tends to be a bit faster since that server has less heavy activity", but otherwise no
  6. no
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Name of tool: stashbot
Language tool is written in: Python2
Webservice or Continuous job: Continuous job
Does the tool use the labs replica dbs?: No
Does the tool use toolsdb?: No
Does the tool use NFS for anything (other than storing code and config and log files)?: No

This bot does use the Elasticsearch cluster on the tools-elastic-* hosts.

Work towards k8s compatibility tracked in T122690: Move stashbot tool to k8s.

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I'm going to close this, since T133999 now means every tool has a .kube/config :D