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Cleanup leftover lucid instances on Labs
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I bet there are a few old lucid boxes that have never been purged, despite them being broken for a long time (ssh should no longer work on them for a long time). Find, notify owners, delete.

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Searching via wikitech, I see:


nginx-dev1 can definitely be killed. @Andrew I guess labs-vmbuilder-lucid can also be? opengrok-web is Victor Vasiliev's, and conventionextension-trial is Chughakshay16. Need to reach out to these people and inform them.

As long as we're never building lucid images ever again, then labs-vmbuilder-lucid can be deleted, yeah.

labs-vmbuilder-lucid and nginx-dev1 are not running (Shutdown), opengrok-web is in error status and conventionextension-trial is shutoff but it's Power State is NOSTATE...

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nginx-dev1 has disappeared (assumed deleted), labs-vmbuilder-lucid is now running for some reason, opengrok-web is still in error status (and I'm expecting it to be deleted in the purge in two months), and the conventionextension project was deleted.

So now, we're waiting for opengrok-web to go in and we can safely say labs-vmbuilder-lucid should never be needed again, that can then be deleted, and this will be resolved.