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Wikipedia for refugees, how can we improve access to Wikipedia in refugee camps?
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Based on the thread started here:
What can we do to offer access and easy reading experience to Syrian refugees?

After long discussions with @JVargas and @Jack Rabbah, am stalling this ticket as the outcome will render to be a much bigger effort around tailoring our offline Wikipedia tools.

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On the offline side, we have for reading, and a new initiative for editing:

I haven't read the entire discussion, but online access in refugee camps is a logical problem. Even if the internet access problem would be solved, I wonder how prioritary would be for refugees to use that connection for Wikipedia vs the rest (getting in touch with others, publish in social media, etc).

Wikipedia offline with Kiwix is already deployed in refugee camps thx to partners/integrators we have. Eventually, we run currently a hackathon in Esino Lario, Italy which gathers a small dozen of hackers from different organizations working in that field. WikimediaCH works to increase the number of refugee camps we cover by building new partnerships. If you have resources you want to put in that battle for education, please contact WMCH and propose your help.

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New-Readers is working on a broader understanding and strategy of the offline space, there may be some overlap here.

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(Just reflecting that "Moushira (WMF)" is not assigned to this task.)

Does anyone plan to work on this task (as it has no assigned projects and no assignee)?
If not, I propose to decline for the time being.

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Let's decline this task, since work in this direction is happening already elsewhere, according to the comments above.