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Create a special page for DeletePagesForGood extension
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Please create a special page for DeletePagesForGood extension, It should be like Special:MovePage but different should just shows Delete for and the title of page page permantly as the top title.

And should keep to new title but instead say delete permenatly or something similar. but it should still be under action like Special:MovePage is.

Steps to reproduce:

  • There is no special page that improves the desgn and functionaility.

Actual results:

  • No special page.

Expected results:

  • Should have a special page.

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I think the current implementation via action is much better.

Reproduce the bug - (proposal)
Install Mediawiki 1.28.0
Install DeleteForGood.
Create mediawiki pages.

Upgrade Mediawiki Version 1.29.0 or 1.29.1
Attempt to delete a page with DeleteForGood.

> Normally, does not work. (?)

Delete the page, recreate the page, delete the page completely with DeleteForGood.

> Normally, works. (?)

The new pages created under Mediawiki 1.29.1 seem to be able to be deleted, with the extension DeletePageForGood.

The old pages created under Mediawiki 1.28.x seem not to be able to be deleted, with the extension DeletePageForGood.

Reproduce the bug - (proposal)

That comment is unrelated to this task T113883 which is about having a special page and not about deleting. See T182545 instead.