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Fix the wikicode templates at Outreach:Wikimedia:Starting an education program so new education program plans are not created as subpages of Education Portal/Program Plans/ but rather as subpages of Education/Program plans/ and move existing plan pages created prior to this domain also
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Go to the education portal's "Get involved" page (Outreach:Education/Get involved).

Go to the section called "Create a program plan".

Click the button called "Education program planning guide".

You will be directed to a page called "Wikimedia:Starting an education program".

This page is an interactive module that allows newbies to draft a plan to pilot a new Wikipedia Education Program.

Somewhere in the templates at Wikimedia:Starting an education program, there is some wikicode that causes new plan pages to be created as subpages of Outreach:Education Portal/Program Plans/.

Please fix this so that new pages are created as subpages of Outreach:Education/Program plans/ instead.

Please also move any existing program plan pages created before into the Outreach:Education/Program plans/ domain also. There is a category of existing plans at Category:Wikipedia Education Program pilot plans. You can see how Sage moved this page as an example (see diff here).

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Speaking of these pages they are made so complicated for some reason… All these lua modules and stuff… I wrote Sage on his talk page on Meta about stuff like that (though I chose a wrong talk page of his). Hope someone will think about a way to simplify them while keeping functionality.

Thanks, @Base, for subscribing to this task and moving these pages. I'm impressed that you noticed this and I really appreciate you jumping in to help. The highly complicated code is why I created this task in the first place: I couldn't fix it myself. It would be great if there were a community member, ideally an education collaborative member, who has the skills and interest to simplify the code while keeping the functionality. If you know of such a person, or if you are such a person, please let me know. I have created a new task for this topic here: [[T114593]].

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I suppose the requested here part is done so marked this as resolved :) Actually it turned to be in the easy part of the code though I faced some difficulties as I had to file T114592 (which is perhaps a duplicate though)

Awesome, @Base! Thanks so much for completing this task.

And thanks for troubleshooting the more meta part of the problem over at [[T114592]].

So, is [[T114593]] no longer necessary? If so, feel free to close it.

T114593 is necessary at least till the pages get marked for translation :) With simplifying or, well, vice versa making things harder (modules should be taught to deal with translations). Simplifying is much preferable thus the task should live, IMHO :)