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The footer no longer shows white if the page has little text
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Since fixing the toc bug the white background for footer has disapreaed only if there is little texts. if you change position relative back to absolute it fixes the problem but also breaks toc again.

Steps to reproduce

  • Go to your website with metrolook like for example this website.

Actual results

  • It shows most as grey at bottom.

Exxpected results

  • The bottom bit should always be white no matter what.

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@ashley could you look into this please since you know what to do to find a fix.

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Tricky little bug; this'll likely require plenty of testing on a wide variety of devices (desktop and mobile alike).

Right now #content's height is auto, which seems to be causing this issue. Setting the height to a percentage of some kind fixes the issue...except the fix seems to be screen-resolution-dependent (sigh). I played around a bit in Firefox (v. 41.0.1 under Windows 7) with the Responsive Design emulator and here are some results:

  • 1440×900px — #content { height: 91%; }
  • 320×480px — #content { height: 85%; } (higher percentages will cause the "powered by MediaWiki" button to be placed outside of the viewport)
  • 360×640px — #content { height: 87%; }
  • 768×1024px — #content { height: 92%; }
  • 980×1280px — #content { height: 94%; }

Hacky, huh? You bet...

Alternatively #content could be given position: absolute, but I think that might reintroduce the ToC bug?

Thankyou for taking a look at this.

Yes position: absolute would introduce the bug currently I changed it to position: relative to fix the toc. I am not sure how to do it so that it will auto detect so that it shows it as white at the bottom.

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