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Delete unneeded LQT/Flow templates from wikis that didn't have LQT
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Flow's templates were added to all WMF wikis, on October 2. (Per T111098: Run FlowCreateTemplates.php on all Flow-enabled wikis in production and as visible in )
However, most wikis didn't ever have LiquidThreads, so these 5 templates are never going to be needed:

  • [template]:LQT post imported with supressed user
  • [template]:LQT post imported with different signature user
  • [template]:LQT Moved thread stub converted to Flow
  • [template]:LQT page converted to Flow
  • [template]:Archive for converted LQT page

Please delete those 5 templates, from all WMF wikis except for:

  • testwiki
  • enwikinews
  • enwiktionary
  • fiwikimedia
  • huwiki
  • mediawikiwiki
  • officewiki
  • ptwikibooks
  • strategywiki
  • sewikimedia
  • svwikisource
  • test2wiki
  • wikimania2010wiki

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The script creates them all.

If we do this, we should also have the script auto-detect whether LQT is installed, or they'll get regenerated (at least on Beta, and in prod too if we re-run there for a new template).