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Create UDFs for categorising referers
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We know we'll want to identify external traffic from search engines by their referers. Build a system of UDFs capable of distinguishing:

  1. Traffic from search engines;
  2. Traffic from other sources;
  3. Traffic with no referers.

Furthermore, break (1) down by search engine.

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Change 247601 had a related patch set uploaded (by OliverKeyes):
[WIP] functions for identifying search engines as referers.

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Moving this to the backlog to more accurately represent its status in the team; it's stalled on us and can't be prioritised more highly right now.

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I have made changes in response to Joal and Nuria's comments, and have tested the latest version on the cluster. It appears to work. I have reached out to Nuria to see if there are additional tests she had in mind. Otherwise we're on track to getting this done and deployed.

Update: "As long as we test on cluster i think we are good. Have in mind we will not be deploying this probably until January though as half of the team is on vacation until then." - Nuria

Change 247601 merged by Nuria:
Functions for identifying search engines as referers.