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Add auto-summary to deletion of images
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As well as there is a code to add an auto-summary when deleting pages, it would
be nice to have the same functionality to delete images, instead of having to
edit the image previoulsy to copy the tag text or whatever might be needed for
the deletion summary.

PS- see also bug T11656: Automatic deletion summaries should occur for all pages, not just those < 500 characters, which requires changes to the auto-summary script

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Severity: enhancement



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robchur wrote:

This would seem to be less useful for images; a drop-down box containing predefined reasons might be preferable.

I was referring to the possibility of including automatically in the deletion summary a excerpt of the description text, which tipically includes the tags that the image has been marked with. A dropdown list is a good idea, yes, but it's a bit less automatic, and is less flexible... but still better than nothing :)

DannyS712 subscribed.

Code for autodeletion summary is in ContentHandler::getAutoDeleteReason

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