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Special:Watchlist should allow "Hide my edits in my userspace"
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Author: doug.strain

Special:Watchlist should allow "Hide my edits in my userspace". Don't need to
be reminded of all my typos and such.

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Severity: normal



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You can already hide your own contributions. As for hiding
your modifications on your user and own talk page, I don't
think we want to add yet another useless option.

doug.strain wrote:

Perhaps I was a little glib in my original description. Often, during busy
times, when I'm "out there" on several different (especially talk) pages and
editing in my user space, I find it convenient to use my watchlist to monitor
these goings on. I want to see the interplay between my edits and those of
others without the clutter of my edits in my userspace.

It is not "another useless option" and I would not have suggested it if I
thought it were.

(Note that you could whip up some custom JavaScript to hide them if you really
really want this, but it seems not a very general feature.)

doug.strain wrote:

I looked at that first. It would would have to "special" of the "Olympean"
variety as there are no surrounding DIVs or SPANs etc. Each line of output is

But, oh well. Thanks for fixing Special:Filepath :-)