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Allow changing the location in Special:Nearby
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Special:Nearby is cool, but it seems that it will only load things near where your computer claims to be (if there is already a way to change it, I haven't found it). I would find it more useful if I could change the location it's using:

  • I assume it doesn't work at all if your browser doesn't support the geolocation stuff, or if you don't allow it to provide your location.
  • If the coordinates are inaccurate, you end up with items near a different point, not near you, e.g. for me, the closest item is around 3 km away, even though I know we have plenty of items which are much closer to me.
  • If you want to share the results with someone for any reason, you can't, e.g. some of the images look bad, but if I try to link you to it, you'll see a different set of items and therefore different images.
  • You might want to check what is near a different location, e.g. near your home when you're away from home or near a place you're planning to visit or have just been.
  • Only being able to see one set of results limits how much you can do with it: Once I've added labels, descriptions and images for the 50 things it shows, I can't do anything else.

Maybe something like a line at the top saying something like "Showing items near [current coordinates]" would work, with a "change location" link or button which expands a section or opens a popup where the user can change the location.

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