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link landmine on every page if images not loaded
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You forgot the alt= text:

<div class="portlet" id="p-logo"> <a style="background-image:

href="/index.php?title=%E9%A6%96%E9%A0%81" title="首頁"></a> </div>

Version: 1.11.x
Severity: trivial



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The "a" element doesn't support an "alt" attribute. It does, however, support a
"title" element, which is present.


ALT attribute is an attribute for the IMG tag. Its usage is to show an
"alternative text" in browsers which do not load images. This could help the
end user to understand what image he was supposed to see if he could load the

Internet Explorer shows the contents of the ALT attribute in a tooltip, when
the mouse pointer is placed over the image. Regarding the HTML standards, the
TITLE attribute should be used for this effect. Other --more standards
compliant-- browsers don't show a tooltip if an ALT but no TITLE is assigned.

Regarding HTML standards, all IMG tags should have an ALT attribute. TITLE
attribute is never mandatory. Also, an ALT is not necessary when an image is
shown without using an IMG tag, just like the above example code you posted,
where the image is loaded through a CSS background command.

Sorry, this is still driving me bananas.

Try this:
In firefox preferences, turn off "Load images automatically" and turn off "Enable Javascript".
Then browse some page on

Now looking around the edges of the page look for a safe white empty
area to click to change the focus of your mouse, like one seems to
sometimes wish to, (e.g., I want to next search the whole page, not
just the edit box.)

Oops, darn. If one just happend to click in the boobytrapped upper
left corner, we now get hijacked to the Main_Page.

Gee, looked just as white as other white spaces, but in fact it was
landmined with an unnamed link.

(Why do I turn off images? Cause I don't want all those silly flags of
each nation, etc. seen on some articles, filling up my telephone
wires, etc.)

OK, indeed, I see the tooltip, but it is already too late as I have
already slid my mouse there and clicked without waiting for tooltips,
thinking it was safe.

And indeed, the pointer even changed from an arrow to a hand even

But not fast enough: we intellectual types look at the screen, choose
where we want to go, and then go there and click, not delaying to see
if it is still as safe as it looked when we were in the planning where
to go stage.

Anyway, feel free to close the bug again. Just wanted you to know
what it feels like from an "" perspective.

OK, can't use "alt". Then use something else or make it so you can
use "alt". One can't see tooltips or different cursors until it is too

"I trusted Wikipedia. Now I find it is one of those sites
where you have to double check what you are about to click on.
It's slowing me down and shaking my confidence." --Martha A. Consumer

robchur wrote:

If you could keep the hyperbole and drama out of bug reports, that would be super.

Wrong issue since the title link is already present on the <a> element.