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[WD] Implement Quality KPI in Wikibase
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As an user I want to see:

% of items with a quality score according to [scoring algorithm A, ..., scoring algorithm Z] higher than [0, ..., 1]

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I want a discussion about this first. We need a clear plan of which components go into this score. I don't want us to publish a messed up quality metric that will be used against Wikidata.

So I thought that one part of this could be using logic from WikidataQualityConstraints and simply get a count of how many times constraints are violated on wikidata.
I was expecting to see a table that contained all current constraint violations, but apparently that is not how the extension works.

@Lydia_Pintscher do we have a list of possible things to include in the overall KPI?

This specifically mentions in our notes but right now I can see no mention of / support for wikibase there.

Not yet. I think we should sit down together and make one.

WIP KPI is now on the main dash.
TODO - Link this to a breakdown page showing what the KPI is constructed of.

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